Vaticon XVII

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  • Vaticon XVII/Retcon XVII took place on the 25th - 27th of March, 2011



  • System to be determined: "Top Ten: Fear and Loathing in Neopolis" - Anthony O'Reilly
  • D+D 4th edition: "The Ravens Well" - ????


  • "The Final Voyage of Penitentiary Vessel #1564" John Bowler
  • Werewolf the Forsaken: "In Galway, No One Can Hear You Scream" Michael Murray


The Warhammer 40,000 tournament this year has a field of 36 players duking it out for the coveted Retcon trophies. 5 games will be played over 2 days at 1750 points using a rulespack that be requested by sending a mail to

Unfortunately we have reached the maximum number of players for this tournament. A waiting list has been started in case of last minute dropouts, send a e-mail to to secure a place on the list.

The Warhammer Fantasy tournament will be 5 games of the latest ETC rulespack over 2 days following the same timetable.


  • M:TG Elder Dragon Highlander L5R Dojo Day
  • Yu-Gi-Oh Constructed Tournament
  • M:TG Standard Constructed
  • L5R Sealed/Draft Tournament
  • M:TG Shadowmoor Anaconda Draft


As usual the entire boardgames collection of UCD GameSoc will be available for casual play throughout the convention, as well as several organised tournaments that will take place over the course of the weekend. We encourage people to bring their own games if they wish to play something we might not have, but our collection is quite extensive, and we are sure to have something that you will enjoy.


This year at Retcon promises the return of some old favourites and a few new additions to our lineup.

Following on from last year we're happy to announce the return of the Street Fighter 4 tournament! Yet again we'll have entrants from around the country vying to prove their mettle in the ring, and the competition is sure to be good fun for all.

As always we'll be having our Rock Band "Battle of the Bands" challenge. Think you've got what it takes? Come along and rock out.

In addition we'll have the return of the ever-popular weekend long high score challenges. We'll have some old favourites like Mario Kart Wii, alongside some all new challenges. We'll also have new tournaments throughout the weekend and possibly and appearance by the sport of kings: Halo's Rocketball.

Getting There

Getting to UCD is easier then ever. Served by a host of Buses, accessible by train and right next to the N11, finding us should be no problem. The Con itself is run in the Student Centre, which is by the Clonskeagh end of Campus. Its the big new building beside the construction, you cant miss it.


39a (best bus, terminates in UCD), 3, 11/b, 145, 17, 46a, 46e, 47, Lots of Xpresso buses Aircoach For more information, check

Train A short walk from Sydney Parade train station, see

Other Getting to UCD;,