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A radio show that was broadcast on FLIRT Fm[1] , the campus radio station of the National University of Ireland, Galway. Which is in Ireland by the way. The Show was founded by some of the core members of NUI Galway Fansci Society and was used by them to channel a lot of the weirdness that spilled over from that society. Definitely the whacked out younger sibling of The Fansci Books Show.

The show went out at five o'clock GMT ( Galway Mean Time ) every Friday. Due to the fact that the founding members found that life tends to lead you to strange parts of the world the show has taken a career break...for well over a decade now but in this age of reboots and reimaginings who knows what might happen?

The intent of this page is to give a brief description of what has been described as the 'strangest show ever on the station' and other such high praises from such people as Fiona McNulty, Station manager '96-'98, and Donal Fallon, another station stalwart.

The Cast

Charles Dunne

Priest of Holiscism, founder of dissent against The Italian Hour of Power(IHoP), changes identity a lot at whim. Knows a lot about truth and lies, particularly those pertaining to insects. See Bees (regular & time), Japanese Hornets, Egypt, The Pope.

Simon Coll

Former technician/straight man. Still supported IHoP overthrow from beginning. Now certifiably insane. See David Duchovny, Vinegar, Nine Inch Nails, Spiracles, Random Scientific Fact, Bobo

Niall Fallon

The new OFFICIAL third presenter!!!! May have invented Humaning and the invasion of Russia by a plague of Giants. See also Slipper the Wonder Footwear.

Alan O'Laoighaire

Not a straight man, still a victim ( see Oxford English Dictionary ). Turns up and is subjected to 'Spotting the truth', 'Learning with Alan' and the other, far more popular slot 'Abuse'. Has been sort of well sacked . See also Goths

Donal Fallon

Some bloke. Subs for Charles really occasionally. Typed all this *"#$%. See also Audience, Abuse

The Studio Audience

Includes such luminaries as Sean McGinty (a more minor sub - subbed for Alan), Edel 'Squeaky' Ryder-Hanrahan, Brian 'Jesus' King, Sarah Heaton, Fearghus O'Rourke, Dave Finn and Cyril 'Mad French Geeezer' Denouil and on and on and on....You must Eemaginate eet!!

Essential Concepts

'The Stuff'

Being just some of the many kinds of stuff available in these more enlightened days, as compared to say, the 10 kinds of stuff in Roman Times or the few hundred in the Dark Ages. There are now millions of kinds of stuff, mostly owned by the Japanese, or the Russians. See also Japanese Hornets

'Fractal Thermometers'

What do they do? Who knows?

'The Pope'

Well known benovolent geezer. Quite Famous indeed, owns his own state. A lot of people attach some kind of significance to him ( especially Charles ) See also : Charles, Anti-Pope


An early and now mainly discarded theory of holiscism. Alan became a box. 'Nuff said. See also : Schrodingers wave O'Laoighaire, Kafka Wombat Fatso Weasel.. oh, I give up,

'Charles = xxxxxxx'

Something that was far more common, Charles would become something for a day. Past titles have included

The Ross Iceshelf

The Holy Roman Emperor

An Anti-Pope

Last known Potato

Last of the true potatoes

He who walks the Eurth ( see lost elements ), etc.

'Italian Hour of Power'

Gone now, thank god. See also : Kris Crofts(tm), Simon Coll, Alan O'Laoighaire, Francesca Benatti and Italians

'Spo & the Lost Elements (not a band)'

Right, where to begin. Lets see. Spo is a lost element that the Pope (above) keeps under his hat. Spo destroys Women. Other lost elements include - in no particular order








See also : The Pope, Niall Fallon, Loveable Sitcom Veronica's Closet, Cast of

Worth a mention for being loveable

'Chuck Knoblauch'

Highest hitter for the New York Yankees, for the spring season 1998. Also behind the question posed by Charles 'What exactly is a Knoblauch?'

'Robert Oppenheimer'

Found atomic bomb while in search of Spo ( see lost elements ) original phrase would have been 'I have become Spo, destroyer of Women' . See also : Hotdogs

Cold blooded Murder

Reptiles that murder people. Yes. You read that correctly. I said reptiles that murder people. These cold blooded killers are everywhere (except perhaps the Artic and Antartic regions. Possibly the Tundra as well but no one REALLY knows.) Have you ever wondered what happened to J.F.K or Jimmy Hoffa ? Wonder no more!!! A little known fact is that Lee Harvey Oswald was once seen talking to an Iguana while on holiday in Cuba. (See: WORLD WAR TWO)


Several of the shows survived on audio tape and attempts are being made to recover them.