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When Confess announced that it would no longer be running in September, we were greatly saddened. We had come to love the weekend away and the social atmosphere of the convention – it was a great way to begin the Convention season.

In the aftermath of the final Confess, the seeds were sown. Conspiracy was born at a gathering of friends, and that’s what we want it to be. Conspiracy will be a convention where people come to run and play games and hang out with friends, enjoying our collective hobbies. We want to run a convention that provides a social, relaxed atmosphere for the assembled gamers, in a central location that is a good place for a weekend away – hence the decision to host the convention in Kilkenny.

With Conspiracy, our focus is on the attendee – if there is an event you want to run, we want to provide you with the space and the resources to do that. Any system, any type of game – we will do everything we can to see you run it successfully. We have an excellent location in the Kilkenny Ormonde Hotel that gives us with a superb gaming space. So let your creativity run wild.