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I believe this is indeed the only Writers award currently offered at an Irish con, but I'm not sure it's the first ever. I believe there may have been writers competitions at some of the Earlier Gaelcons ( perhaps up to ten years ago).TygerKrash 14:16, 30 August 2009 (UTC)

Perhaps but as far as I can ascertain it is the only writers award of its kind ever to exist in the Irish Gaming Convention scene. The basic rule is not just writing a good quality game for the particular Itzacon but you must have written at least one other game (and preferably more than that) for a different convention or conventions in Ireland. So it is intended to award both quality AND dedication to the Irish gaming scene around the country. Both Warpcon and Gaelcon have a Best Scenario award for the last few years. The National Award is meant to go beyond that and hopefully encourage writers to write for MORE conventions around the country rather than just their own. (Not that Warpcon or Gaelcon's awards are only won by their "own" writers!) Uirdhein