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Uhm... if it was me I'd leave out the bit on personalities, but we all know that's because there's a chance someone might get more airplay than me. Also, where you've put note placeholders ("[1]" etc), am I assuming that there's going to be an address there? No point in naming sites if you're not going to quote the URL of the site. Lastly, throw all of this into Word and spellcheck it before you fire it at Welephant ;)

Yep Nick, the [1] would reference links in the links section, because href links aren't going to be much use for paper! :) I'm just lazy but I'll make sure that the links are listed there before it goes to White Elephant.

BTW if anyone does see any grammer and spelling mistakes, please correct! I wrote it in Word (with spellcheck and grammercheck on) so if there is some there, it's because word didn't pick them up!

I still like to extend it more out but I can't really think of any more content to put in there. Anyone got an ideas?

Anyway, we've got a month left to finish it! --Mark Cunningham 12:52, 22 Aug 2005 (IST)

Hi, I just felt that, as this is addressed to the gaming community as a whole, it should feel more inclusine, so specific mention of one gaming type (roleplaying, wargaming etc) might inadvertently exclude others. And listing them all would just look and sound bad.


I guess my original thinking is captured here: What is Gaming? and What is Roleplaying but if you can figure out a better way of say it great! Your edit is okay with me me. --Mark Cunningham 11:41, 20 Sep 2005 (IST)

I've made the article protected because I'm now going to prepare it for submission to White Elephant. Thanks everyone for your contributions. --Mark Cunningham 09:47, 22 Sep 2005 (IST)