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Skibbcon is a Wargaming convention run by Skibb Wargamers and is held in Skibbereen, County Cork in the second Weekend of June. The friendly West Cork town plays host to a Wargaming package weekend where players stay in the venue of the con allowing them to continue the social side of gaming well into the night without worrying about transportation to the event the next day.

Each year they hope to do something different in order to make it that little bit special with the social side of the hobby being their primary concern.

So from arguments about whose army is better to loud hissing at the winners of the pub quiz, SkibbCon is the place to be for an enjoyable weekends retreat in one of the nicest parts of the country.

Con Director Skibbcon Year
???? Skibbcon 1 2010
???? Skibbcon 2 2011
???? Skibbcon 3 2012
???? Skibbcon 4 2013
???? Skibbcon 5 2014