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Sillicon was a convention run by STOCS in DCU.

Pub Quiz

By far Sillicon's most renowned event was its pub quiz. This was the mainstay of the con for many years, attracting many gamers from all over Dublin.

Free Stuff

Sillicon was also traditionally a font of free stuff, giving out free t-shirts and food.


  • Sillicon 1 was held in 1999 and featured a pub quiz where the scoring was mapped to a Snakes & Ladders board. It was hosted by the Great Doctor Cthulhu (Adam Kelly).

The second was known as Sillicon 10 The Wrath of Con, beginning a tradition of naming Sillicons after Star Trek movies, this was to cause problems later on. The binary naming scheme was not so popular. Sillicon 10 suffered low attendance due to a rail strike and the foot and mouth crisis. This is despite the foot and mouth crisis occuring a year later.

  • Sillicon 3: The Search for STOCS was arguably the most successful Sillicon. It ran in 2001 and enjoyed good attendance, atmosphere, and enthusiastic staff.
  • Sillicon 4: The Buoyant Gnome is rumoured to have been held in 2002, but official sources hotly deny this.
  • Sillicon 5 was held in 2003 and enjoying many of the good things about Sillicon 3 along with which it is considered the golden era of Sillicon.
  • Sillicon 6: The Undiscovered Con III (unofficially called by some "Con Tree") was held in 2004 and though a good con, was less successful than its illustrious predecessors.
  • Sillicon 7: Generations was held in 2005 and featured for the first time a trade stand and tea boiler. The con continued the declining trend started at Sillicon 6.
  • Sillicon 8: (note lack of Star Trek reference) is considered one of the low points of Sillicon, in its aftermath much was said about the running of the convention and questions were asked as to whether the convention should be allowed continue.
  • Sillicon 9:Was the final Sillicon. For now at least.

Convention Directors

Con Director Sillicon Year
Adam Kelly Sillicon 1 1999
Ciaran Kenny Sillicon 10 2000
Adam Kelly Sillicon 3 2001
Alan Meaney Sillicon 4 2002
Mark Dunne Sillicon 5 2003
Graham Kavanagh Sillicon 6 2004
Liam O'Taillur Sillicon 7 2005
Liam O'Taillur Sillicon 8 2006
Liam O'Taillur Sillicon 9 2007

Next Sillicon

Discussions were ongoing surrounding a possible Sillicon X, and it was the intention of the Games Soc committee to run an expanded convention, encompassing console and PC gaming along with RPGs, Wargames, CCGs and the like.


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