Scintillan Concorde

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The Scintillan Concorde was an ongoing Campaign LARP organised and run by the IGA set in the Dark Heresy setting.

Started in 2009 it has had a monthly Costume LARP hosted in various locations over the last few years where the players gather to decide their objectives for the month which were resolved during the following weeks as RPG sessions.

Since its inception there has been a LARP held during Gaelcon and from 2012 onwards there have been LARPs held at other Conventions such as Brocon, Hobocon, Leprecon & Warpcon. In 2013 an antagonistic Campaign was started utilising elements from the Black Crusade system.

In 2014 the decision was made to end the ongoing campaigns and the final LARP was held at Gaelcon 2014. The game is officially on hiatus but there may be future events and games at a convention near you.

People involved

Andrew Coffey, Fergal (Fatz) Fanning, Hudson, Shane (Wishkah) O'Huid, Nessa Phillips.