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STOCS was DCU's gaming society. They still have a website. In July 2008 STOCS as a society merged with DCU’s other gaming society, DCU Games Soc.

STOCS was one of the oldest societies in DCU, and was dedicated to the promotion of RPGs, LARPs, Wargames, CCG's and Boardgames. The society ran an annual convention Sillicon in DCU.


Merger with Games Soc

Due to steadily declining membership, in an effort to preserve the society STOCS was merged with DCU Games Soc. This was proposed by the committee at the time, but accepted by the membership at an AGM. The constitution of Games Soc was rewritten to include two committee positions to cater for STOCS' interests; Traditional Gaming Officer and Trips Officer. Apart from the renaming of STOCS meetings to "Traditional Gaming", effectively nothing really changed.

Sillicon X

Discussions are ongoing, but it is the intent of Games Soc to run an expanded Sillicon, similar in scope (but obviously not scale) to Q-Con. Dates and events are yet to be confirmed.


The society still meets every Monday and Wednesday from 18:00 in the HUB in DCU and all meetings are open to the general public.

Stocs can be contacted by email at and the society also has a free forum.


The exact origins of the society are not well known, but are believed to have been during the dark years before DCU became a real university as is evidenced by the societys proper name, The NIHED Gaming Society.

The meaning of the word STOCS is lost in the mists of time, however there are two schools of thought regarding its construcion:

  • Strategic and Tactical Overland Combat System
  • Shane's TOtally Cool Society

Another meaning has also been suggested:

  • Stop Taking Our Clothes, Seamus

The current incarnation dates from the late nineties when the society was recreated out of the ashes of its previous incarnation by "the Real Committee" whose membership is a closely guarded secret.

During the early years of this century STOCS was involved in a number of border disputes with other societies including the infamous incident when a group completely unrelated to STOCS kidnapped the chairman of the networking society and the brief period of intense staring after the DCU Gaming Society was formed until both parties realised that their names and objectives were actually different.


The last several years of STOCS have been dominated by the same people, but a bloody coup is currently in progress to wrest control for younger members, the Real Committee appear to have sanctioned this coup and so there is little dissent in the ranks.


STOCS operates on a form of democratic cronyism where the next committee is selected by the current one and then voted on by the membership. In the unlikely event of a draw it has been written in the STOCS constitution that the victor shall be decided by the rolling of 7d12 by both parties with the lowest roll being deemed victorious. If the required dice are not present a round of rock paper scissors is called for.

Nobility & Heraldry

STOCS has no defined heraldry, each year's symbology being chosen by the committee. STOCS has awarded a number of titles however, including:

  • Tyrant held by his excellency the Great Cthulhu (Adam Kelly)
  • King held by fetch (Graham Kavanagh)
  • Screamer of the Word This title is bestowed annually by the Tyrant (or his appointed agent) for exemplary shouting of the word NIHED. The current holder of the title is Dennis McCartney.

Useful Stuff RE:Sillicon & Stocs

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