Ray O'Mahony

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Gaming Achievements

Scenarios Written

  • Vampire:Dark Ages: "Of Fiends and Warlords" - Warpcon XVII 2007

  • Vampire:The Masquerade: "When a Siren Calls" - Warpcon XVIII 2008

  • Vampire:The Masquerade: "The Scavenger Hunt" - Warpcon XIX 2009
  • World of Darkness: Strike Force Zero: "Where Devils Fear To Tread" - Warpcon XIX 2009
  • Serenity: "For a Fistful of Credits" - Warpcon XIX 2009 (*)
  • Spirit Of The Century: "Sir Alistair Montgomery and The Chrono-Catastrophe!!" - Warpcon XIX 2009

  • Old World of Darkness:Strike Force Zero "In the Shadow of the Wicked City" Warpcon XX 2010
  • Vampire: The Masquerade "L’Economia Sanguinosa" Warpcon XX 2010

  • Rogue Trader: "Orion Rising" Itzacon IX 2013
  • Spirit Of The Century: "The Incredible Iron Eagles and The Curse of the Aztec Idol" Itzacon IX 2013

  • Rogue Trader: "Blood in the Abyss" Itzacon X 2014

  • Rogue Trader: "The Vault of Whispers" Warpcon XXV 2015
  • Spirit of the Century: "The Incredible Iron Eagles Hoist the Jolly Roger!" Itzacon XI 2015