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  • 'Q-Con' is the annual Gaming Convention hosted by QUB Dragonslayers, the Queen’s University Belfast (QUB) Gaming and Anime Society. Next year sees the arrival Q-Con XX and we will be taking over the entire QUB Students’ Union for a weekend of gaming and anime fun. [1]

  • Originally an RPG, Larp and Wargaming convention, Q-Con, like Dragonslayers itself, has adapted and evolved to embrace console and electronic gaming along with Anime and Cosplay.

Convention Directors

Con Director Q-Con Year
Alan Neill Q-Con I 1994
Matt Johnston Q-Con II 1995
Matt Johnston Q-Con III 1996
Alan Neill Q-Con IV 1997
Brenda Cunning Q-Con V 1998
David Houston Q-Con VI 1999
Iona Willett Q-Con VII 2000
Brenda Cunning Q-Con VIII 2001
Brenda Cunning Q-Con IX 2002
Iona Willett Q-Con X 2003
Jonathan Glover Q-Con XI 2004
Jonathan Glover Q-Con XII 2005
Andrew Gordon Q-Con XIII 2006
Jonathan Glover Q-Con XIV 2007
Ben Harrison Q-Con XV 2008
Killian McKeever Q-Con XVI 2009
Niall Bole Q-Con XVII 2010
???? Q-Con XVIII 2011
???? Q-Con XIX 2012
???? Q-Con XX 2013
???? Q-Con XXI 2014
???? Q-Con XXII 2015
???? Q-Con XXIII 2016
???? Q-Con XXIV 2017
???? Q-Con XXV 2018