Paddy Delaney

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Gaming Achievements

Scenarios Written

  • GURPS:Discworld: "Bubble, bubble, toil and shovel?" Itzacon I 2005
  • Hunter:The Reckoning: "A Bright Future, A Dark Past" Itzacon I 2005

  • A Malazan Tale: "The Darkness before the Dawn" Itzacon III 2007

  • In Nomine: "Dreamed of something...more." Itzacon IV 2008

  • Tri-Stat: "Secret Lives of Ducks: The Quest for the Tome of the Black Feather" Warpcon XIX 2009
  • A Malazan Tale: "The Quiet Life" Itzacon V 2009

  • Dark Ages Vampire: "The Times they are a Changin'" Itzacon VII 2011

  • Mage The Sorcerer's Crusade: "A New Dawn" Itzacon X 2014

  • D&D 5th Edition: "The Double Headed Coin" Warpcon XXV 2015
  • GURPS: "The Curse of Millhaven" Itzacon XI 2015

Current Status

  • Active

See Also

  • Independent Larp : "Suffer the Children"