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Gaming Achievements

Books & Games

Title Publisher Credit
Relics and Rituals I Sword & Sorcery Contributor
Relics and Rituals II Sword & Sorcery Contributor
D6 Powers (Revised) Khepera Publishing Editor
Godlike:Saipan Arcdream Publishing Proofreading/Playtesting
WildTalents:This Favored Land Arcdream Publishing Proofreading/Playtesting
Hellas:Fire in the Blood Khepera Publishing Author
Dragon Warriors:Friends or Foes Magnum Opus Press Author

Magazine Articles

Title Magazine Credit
"Field to Cauldron" Dragon 301 Author
"Arcane Lore: A Clutch of Cantrips" Dragon 302 Author
"Unstable Arcana: 60 Magical Side Effects" Dragon 302 Author
"Ghost Elves" Dragon 313 Author
" Spellcraft:Cantrips and Orisons of the Academy of Apprentices" Dragon 326 Author
" Magic Shop:Nature Unleashed" Dragon 326 Author
" Class Acts: Ranger:Arranging the Ranger" Dragon 328 Author
"Class Acts - Fighter: The Celtic Warrior" Dragon 330 Author
"Forging Friends" Dragon 341 Author

Scenarios Written

  • Mutants and Masterminds: "Working for the Man" Itzacon I 2005

  • Dragon Warriors: "To Burn in Righteous Fire" Warpcon XX 2010
  • Hellas: "Worlds of Ice and Blood" Itzacon VI 2010

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