James Rhys (Grey) Lloyd Jones

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Gaming Achievements

Books & Games

Title Publisher Credit
Crucible: Dark Age of Imeria Lulu Author
Hunters of Imeria: Dark Age Lulu Author

Scenarios Written

  • (Custom Vampire system and setting): "River of Blood" Itzacon V 2009

  • Crucible: "A Knight At The Rooksbury" Itzacon VI 2010

  • Crucible: "The Mean Streets of Illim" Warpcon XXI 2011
  • Vampire:The Requiem: "A Midsummer Nightmare" Warpcon XXI 2011

  • Call of Cthulhu: "A Moonlight Bridge" Itzacon IX 2013
  • Unhallowed Metropolis: "The London Book of the Dead" Itzacon IX 2013

  • God Machine Chronicle: "Acquainted with the Night" Itzacon X 2014
  • Unhallowed Metropolis: "Murder on the Edinburgh Express" Itzacon X 2014

  • FATE Accelerated: "A Game about Something" Itzacon XI 2015
  • Crucible:Darkening Skies: "The Shield of the Stormcircle" Itzacon XI 2015

  • Crucible:Darkening Skies :"The Exorcism of Logan Spire" Warpcon XXVI 2016
  • Crucible:To Reign in Hell :"Vehiculum Furtus Maximo: Pandemonium" Itzacon XII 2016
  • Crucible:Dismal Streets : "Rules of Nature" Itzacon XII 2016