Itzacon XIV

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Itzacon Eire XIV


  • Itzacon XIV was held on 9th - 11th March 2018



  • Friday Evening:
  • Saturday Morning:
  • Full Metal Alchemist: "Hopes and Virtue #4 - Great Escape" Lydia Dutton
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: "Get up, stand up!" Oisin Duffy
  • Saturday Afternoon:
  • Saturday Evening:
  • The Magicians: "Trouble has a field day" Ian Power
  • Sunday Morning:
  • Legend of the Five Rings : "Sex and the Second City Redux" Ciaran O'Brien
  • Sunday Afternoon:


  • Saturday Evening:'
  • Sunday Afternoon:


  • 'Saturday:' 10.00 am
  • Magic:The Gathering "Rivals of Ixalan" Draft
  • 'Sunday' 10.00 am
  • Commander Sheriff

Social Madness

  • Friday Night:
    • 9.00 pm Pub Quiz
  • Saturday:
    • Introductory Sword Fighting in Fiore dei Liberi with Thomas Gorman from The Exiles, Galway
    • Charity Raffle 9.30 pm. (Funds raised go to the Galway Rape Crisis Centre)[1]
  • Sunday:
  • All Weekend:
  • Video Games Room
  • Board Games including the Intervarsity Competition.
  • Coffee and Painkillers


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