Itzacon VII

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Itzacon Eire VII


  • Itzacon VII took place on the weekend of the 11th - 13th of March, 2011


  • Social Events, Sponsorship and Accommodation Meg Swanton


  • Friday Evening:
  • Discworld: "Altogether Andrews:Everyone is John" Alex Chavanne
  • Hunter:The Vigil: "Over the Hills and Far Away" Eoin Staunton
  • Saturday Morning:
  • Unknown Armies: "In Dreams I Walk With You" Anita Murray
  • Mass Effect: "Guns on The Run" Ciaran O'Brien
  • Customised NWOD: "Pith Helmets and Reading Monocles" James Lee
  • Sunday Morning:
  • Eclipse Phase: "After the End" Mike Calnan
  • Crucible: "Not Without my Airship" James Lee
  • NWOD: "The Strange Death of Cornelia Frump" Dave Hayes


  • Saturday Afternoon:
  • Saturday Evening:
  • Sunday Morning:
  • "Diamond Geezers" by Peaky Games and run by Cat Tobin


This year's Warhammer 40k event included a 2 day tournament and painting competitions. The tournament was 1750 points, with 5 Games across Saturday and Sunday.

Also, the results of this year's tournament were registered with Rankings HQ.

Registration started at 9.00am on Saturday First game began at 10.00am.


  • Friday Evening:
  • Standard Pre-constructed: Magic:The Gathering
  • Saturday Morning:
  • 2 Headed Giant Sealed Event: Magic:The Gathering
  • Scars of Mirrodin Block
  • Saturday Evening:
  • Unhinged Draft: Magic: The Gathering
  • Sunday Morning:
  • EDH Melee: Magic: The Gathering


  • Friday Evening:
  • Zombie Dice Tournament
  • Saturday Afternoon:
  • Dominion Tournament
  • Saturday Afternoon:
  • Carcassonne Tournament
  • Sunday Afternoon:
  • Poo! Tournament

Special Guest

Console Gaming

  • Tournaments in: Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, Mortal Kombat Vs. DC Universe, Street Fighter 4 C.E., Tekken 6 and Soul Calibur 2.
  • Drop-in & Play: Guitar Hero, Call of Duty and Black Ops(Zombies)

Social Madness

  • Friday Night:
  • The Mercifully Short Pub Quiz featuring Mini Games
  • Saturday Night:
  • Shave or Dye Charity Event
  • Club Itzacon
  • Sunday Evening:
  • All Weekend:
  • Coffee and Painkillers


NUI Galway Fansci Society