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The Forums are web forums ran and moderated by Nick Huggins on

This is one of the two primary online sites for Irish Gamers. It was created Feburary 2005 due to discussions on igaming Mailing List.

It has a few advantages over igaming Mailing List:

  • It has different forums for different topics allowing users to easily ignore threads they have no interest in rather than having their email inboxes filled.
  • It is a web format which is all nice and pretty and doesn't get messed up too much by the software.

It's disadvantages are:

People who wish to inform the community of convention dates, or other information useful to the community, are recommended to post to both the forums and the igaming Mailing List.

This is actually the second incarnation of these forums. The first time in 2003 it only lasted a month before traffic dropped off. Then the site ran into some software bugs and wasn't fixed. It was replaced with the current forums.

The The Red Branch Guild and many of the breakout groups from The Durrow Accord have private forums.

The forums were hacked on the 7th November 2005. The forum structure and all previous posts were lost but only after roughtly 3.5 hours new forums were installed and running with the same user database.