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Icon was a regular feature of the Irish gaming calender for 9 years. Featuring local talent from the south-east of the country. Originally funded, organised and run by members of Alternate Reality, Waterford's independent Gaming group (and one of the only non-college gaming groups in the country at the time), the convention had a small but steady following.

In 2002 WITless Gamers (the Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) Roleplaying Society) began to contribute material to the convention. From 2003 the convention was held in Dooley's Hotel, on the quays.

Icon X

After the 2004 convention the committee disbanded without appointing a committee to run the convention in 2005.

It is currently believed that Icon IX was the last of its kind but who can tell?

Brief History

Icon was an independently run games convention which took place during late summer each year in Waterford. While the emphasis was always on roleplaying games, Icon always welcomed different aspects of gaming, with tabletop wargames, board games, computer games and card games all featuring in the later Icons.

One of the core caveats of Icon was that the convention was heavily locally based - staff and writers were generally from or resident in, Waterford. This kept the convention firmly fixed in the (often transient) local gamer community, and gave Icon a distinct flavour.


Traditionally held in Dooley's Hotel.

Convention Directors

Con Director Icon Year
???? Icon I 1996
???? Icon II 1997
???? Icon III 1998
???? Icon IV 1999
Mark McLaughlin Icon V 2000
Jason Cooke Icon VI 2001
Ralph Martin Icon VII 2002
Seamus Butler Icon VIII 2003
Ceire O'Donoghue Icon IX 2004