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The IGA or Irish Games Association is a body which is dedicated to promoting gaming in Ireland, by running, supporting and publicising gaming events, while seeking to communicate and co-operate with others that do likewise.

The IGA engages in a number of activities designed to further it's stated aim of promoting gaming in Ireland, and has evolved substantially over its lifespan. Originally, the IGA was a group composed of different gaming interests from around the country who came together to organise an event known as Gaelcon[1]. Since that time, a number of changes have taken place, the IGA have expanded into other fields.

In general, the IGA seeks to help the gaming community in whatever way possible, be it by organising events, providing information, or offering what assistance it can to others who are working on behalf of the gaming community in Ireland.

The IGA is not, nor claims to be, a representative body for gaming in Ireland


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IGA Chairs

IGA Chair Year
???? 1989
???? 1990
???? 1991
???? 1992
???? 1993
???? 1994
???? 1995
???? 1996
???? 1997
Sal Roche 1998
Taryn Donnelly 1999
Eoin McDonnell 2000
Paul Feldwick 2001
Brian Nisbet 2002
Oli Bird 2003
Fergal O'Brien 2004
Gary Cosgrave 2005
Anton Sweeney 2006
Aidan Walsh 2007
Chris Flanagan 2008
Aidan Walsh 2009
Oisin Creaner 2010
Graham Turner 2011
Graham Turner 2012
Aidan Walsh 2013
Nigel Kavanagh /

Antonia Cosgrove

Oisin Creaner 2015
Eoin Murphy 2016
???? 2017
???? 2018
???? 2019

Notable Achievements

Besides 29 Gaelcons, the IGA have run many other events including the Parasite pre-Gaelcon event, Charity Games Day HeckCon, Minicons, single day theme events, LARPs and card tournaments. They have also published several fanzines, including Fnordly World News and later White Elephant.