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If your having a problem or have a general question, you can place a question here. Hopefully someone will come along and answer it for you!

You have two options, simple questions should be added as new sections below. Possible long answers (or answers that can be referenced by a single url) should be created as new articles so you can create a link to it in the following list.

List of Help Articles

How do I start doing stuff?

Go to the log in link at the top right. Create a new account and off you go!

I'm too lazy to figure it out myself!

Are you looking for something specific that isn't here?

Well, why not create a placeholder for article (describe what the article should be about) and make it into a Category:Stubs! See Help:Creating articles for more.

Who do I contact if I find something wrong?

Arg! I've found something is wrong, but I don't know what it should be. Don't bother emailing the "author". The last person to modify it may only have been correcting spelling and grammar mistakes. You can just add a comment to the 'Discussion' article associated with the offending page saying what is wrong and hopefully some other user will correct it.

I'd like to upload some files or images, please

Sorry you can't. Uploading is disabled for space and security reasons. I don't have that much spare space and it turns out to be rather difficulty for my hosters set up.

If you really must upload something (say image banners for Category:Resources or maps to Category:Conventions and Category:Clubs and Societies) you can contact me on this page.

How do I move a page I made into a category?

Sorry, but I'm new at contributing to a wiki - how exactly do I add my page into somewhere, say the online resources section? :S many thanks.

You add something like this for each category on the page:
[[Category:Clubs and Societies]]
--Mark Cunningham 12:39, 11 October 2006 (IST)