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Game Crafters' Guild of Ireland website[1] was setup in May 2006 by Geoff Moore (also know as Specky[2] on the

The website was originally found at

It was intended as "an open, non-commercial, voluntary organisation through which all those involved in creative pursuits associated with gaming can find a place to share ideas, discuss their work and find collaborators."

Originally it had a simple webpage with a page for downloads and contributions. Submissions were via email. It was assumed that the would host a forum for the guild. Up until September/October 2006, no external submissions had been made.

In October 2006, the whole website was re-implemented. It now boasts:

  • Site membership
  • A News section with user comments.
  • A Collaboration section with user comments.
  • A Download section with categories, tags, user comments and star ratings.
  • All site sections are cross-posted on LiveJournal[3] to help increase exposure.
  • An integrated forum.
  • An integrated wiki.
  • RSS feeds and email subscriptions are avaliable for nearly all sections of the website.

The site does still requires that submissions for downloads and collaborations are sent via email.

The site was re-launched in late 2006 with a great deal of time and effort invested by Cammy, who re-built the entire thing as a WordPress based site that included a forum and a Digg-style news posting area.

As with many such projects, there was an early flurry of activity and a lot of interest from the outside world, including a mention on the Dragons Landing podcast, but it never really got going and after going through the whole of 2007 with barely a single comment from anyone (founders included), Geoff Moore decided not to renew the domain registration and allowed the site to lapse into history in March 2008.