Gaelcon 2008

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  • Gaelcon 2008 was held 25th - 27th October 2008


Con Director : Hugh Lardner
Assiant Con-Director : Andrew Coffey
Treasurer : Guy Winter
Production & Logistics : Aidan Walsh
Front Desk : Claire Coffey,
CCGs : Ceire O'Donoghue,
RPGs & Larps : Graham Tormey & Fergal (Fatz) Fanning,
Charity : Anton Sweeney,
Wargames : Greg Mulvey,
Trade : Cian O'Sullivan,
PRO/Production : Baz Nugent,
Specialist Games : Vinny Carpenter,
Staff : Dave Gorman,


Indie RPG's

  • The Shab-al-Hiri Roach: Adam
  • Prime Time Adventures: Debbie
  • Games On Demand: ????
  • Spirit of the Century: Brian
  • Houses of the Blooded: Kevin
  • Grey Ranks: Joe
  • In a Wicked Age: Adam


  • Gubu: "The Ultimate Showband of Ultimate Destiny" Baz Nugent

Special Events

  • A Piquet: Jump or Burn campaign: "Death or Glory over Cambrai" Donogh McCarthy