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This does seem like an exercise in arrogance to be filling in some information on my own page but... I just couldn't leave it blank :)

I was involved in running the LARPs at Gaelcon from 1996 to Gaelcon 2000, which was thoroughly enjoyable. I also chaired the IGA during my final year at Gaelcon. My main objective in both was to support more freeform/systemless games and also to try and build up a community for the Irish LARPers.

In retrospect I think both of these things happened quite naturally anyway as any gamer interested in LiveRolePlaying is likely to be more interested in narrative and theme than rules systems and any large RPG by its very nature tends to foster a community.

I wrote and ran a series of games over that period. The three, however, that stand out in my memory are "Shadow City", "Pax Angelica" and "Feed".

Working in education for the last few years I'm finding myself reflecting more and more on my time spent in gaming as I believe there are strong correlations in the creation of an environment which aids in learning and exploration, the promotion of a community, and the development of a narrative. This is something I'd be interested in exploring further.

Currently I'm more active here (Flickr) than anywhere else and, if anyone would like an image for a scenario; I'd be delighted to produce one.

Gaming Achievements

  • IGA Chair 2000

Scenarios Written