East Side Fatties

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  • Q: Who are the East Side Fatties?
  • A: They are the largest gaming club in Ireland pound for pound. Usually found at Modelworld in Galway and at every Wargaming tournament around Ireland if possible.
  • Okay, have you ever been at a 40K or WHFB tournament in Ireland and wondered who the lunatics in the orange (black for 2009) T-Shirts are ? Maybe you have played against one of them? Then if that is the case you have met the fatties and they would like to think that you enjoyed the game you played against one of them. Not just anyone can be a Fattie. These T shirts are handed out at the start of the year and only given to local gamers that they believe live up to the Fattie gaming ethic, that is to say that they play to have fun!
  • So if you ever see a Fattie sporting a Fattie T-Shirt don't forget he's hungry, give him a burger and say hi!

Famous Fatties

  • Pete (Basil) Wells.
  • Donal (Nobby) Cooney.
  • Ronan (Rex) Murphy.