The Durrow Accord

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The Durrow Accord was an event to allow open communication between Irish gamers to discuss the future of the Irish gaming community organised by James Maher.

The Durrow Accord was so called because that is where it first took place, Durrow in Laois. The name was originally dropped into conversation on the igaming Mailing List around the same time as negotiations between the British Government, the Irish Government, Loyalist and Republican political groups in Northern Ireland approached a possible agreement that became known as the Belfast Accord. Ironically this political agreement subsequently collapsed.

Durrow 1

The first Durrow Accord was born out of heated debate on the igaming Mailing List. It took place in Feb 2005.

There is a report of what happened in White Elephant and rough minutes were sent to the igaming mailing list.

Several breakout groups were formed to tackle the issues raised. Some of them have private forums on Forums.

Durrow 2

The second accord was planned for July 2005. Unfortunately there was a lack of confirmed attendees so it was cancelled. No plans exist currently for a second date. Please refer to Forums and igaming Mailing List for more information.