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Gaming Achievements

Scenarios Written

  • Geist:The Sin-Eaters: "Charitable Prayers" Itzacon VI 2010

  • New World of Darkness Mortals: "The Strange Life and Death of Cornelia Frump" Itzacon VII 2011
  • Maid The RPG: "Space...The Final Chore..." BroCon II 2011
  • GURPS Discworld: "Doing it For Themselves" Gaelcon 2011 2011

  • Ars Magica: "The Siege of Antioch" Itzacon VIII 2012 (In Absentia)
  • Victorian Changeling: The Lost: "Water, Water Everywhere" Gaelcon 2012

The Gentleman Series

Warning! Spoilers Below

Charitable Prayers

In 2010, a charity group (The St. Margaret's Trader's Union) were granted the task of bringing the memoirs of their aged mentor, Cornelia Frump, to the Underworld - specifically, to the Athenaeum, a grand library where all knowledge goes to rest in eternal peace. Cornelia was most insistent that the book be delivered personally by her former students, for some reason not trusting the book to find its own way to the great library by the unknowable ways of the Underworld.

They succeeded.

The Strange Life and Death of Cornelia Frump

In an adorable little English village in the 1920s, we journeyed backwards and met a very young Cornelia Frump; fresh out of boarding school, and (owing to hours upon hours of crocheting doilies) a surprisingly skilled demonologist. During her time at St. Epipodius’ School for Girls, her parents met their untimely end in a gas explosion, and her uncle seized her family's estate and sold your Shetland pony, Clementine. Naturally, after a brief but impassioned bout of crying, she took the only action left to her, and turned to the occult. One demonic summoning circle and half a pint of blood (saved from the school's kitchen efforts at steak-and-kidney pie), Cornelia found herself standing before a particularly well-dressed Gentleman, who offered to make all of her problems go away if only she would sign her life away to him. She gladly signed a contract with the creature. However, even after her uncle died in a hilariously tragic, glue related accident and Cornelia found the family assets once again at her fingertips, the young woman felt she'd been a little too free with the only life she had, and has spent the last year or so investigating the Gentleman. She travelled to the village of Little Biggington, where her scrying efforts had indicated the Gentleman may be lurking in a physical and therefore vulnerable form. What followed was a bizarre melange of tommy-gun toting mobsters, strange, red-robed and bell-wielding cultists, elderly zombie hordes, and at least one demonic Corgi, largely owing to the fact that the villagers of Little Biggington have been unwittingly praying to The Gentleman at the local Church for decades now. Fleeing the horde of zombified pensioners, Cornelia realised far too late that one of the other "survivors" was The Gentleman, and dies (along with just about everyone else) below the village streets. However, this was not the end for poor Cornelia, as her efforts attract the attention of Agatha of the Bells, a powerful Geist who offers her a Bargain (exact stipulations unrevealed) and returns her to life once again, but the Gentleman is long gone...

Meet Mike

A strange and twisted pocket universe (outside of the more mundane, mortal timeline) surrounds the lost soul of an accountant locked in stasis and doomed to spend his days in a purgatory of his own creation in endless repentance for his sins - during periods of boredom, Mike took to killing people, and some power or entity has taken steps to lock Mike in place to atone and end his "life", this killing spree.

Alas, Fate - and the captured spirits of his various victims - intervenes. Terrified by what the death of Mike would do to their earthbound forms, the spirits conspired to coerce Mike into destroying each measure put in place to guide him on the path to suicide, each person placed in his path offering the guiding hand of redemption: or, more simply, an end to it all.

Trapped across - and between - several iterations of Mike's homemade prison, the ghosts had their work cut out for them, each with their own objectives clashing with their need to cooperate in order to keep Mike going. Implausibly, all objectives were achieved, despite the interference of several outside forces - including various mortals who may not actually have existed in truth, and one very real parasitic Demon attempting to carve out a niche for itself in the pocket dimension. Rising from the ashes of the various versions of Mike meeting their just desserts (in whatever fashion that may be), the multi-dimensional Limbo collapses inward in a torrent of crimson blood, spiders and screams, before the Gentleman manifests from Mike's various victims and promptly offers the conniving ghosts a place in his "Game" before reality implodes.

Water, Water Everywhere

It is the late 19th century, Galway. The freehold of Galway has been experiencing a period of strangely tense peace ever since their entire Summer Court contingent disappeared into the Hedge twenty years ago. Now, however, a strange phenomena has gripped the Irish Hedge: an ocean of green sea-brine has overtaken the Thorns, and any attempt to open a Gate therein causes thousands of gallons of water emerging under terrific pressure to flood into more mundane reality, killing at least two mortals. Worse, this ocean moves, and is approaching Galway City at speed.

A small motley of changelings are charged by the Spring King to retrieve their mentor (one Professor Hynes) from his abode when the good Professor fails to show up for an important meeting called by the freehold to discuss the crisis. What should have been a simple matter of wandering across the city in order to retrieve their friend and teacher spirals rapidly into tragedy as they find him lying on his parlour floor, throat completely ripped out: even his little Hedgespun automaton corgi has been dismantled. Piecing the creature back together, the party learned that the Professor had invented some sort of marvellous device in order to investigate the Hedge phenomena personally, but this was taken back by the local tribe of Goblin Market Hobs.

Retrieving the item proves to be no great task, and the changelings manage to penetrate the Hedge in a wonderful submersible vehicle, plunging into the briny waters filled with bizarre wreckage of broken elliptical archways, minarets and bulb-topped towers. They are swiftly swept into a maelstrom occupying the centre of this odd oceans; there, they find one of the True Fae (or so they assume), a creature of rage and desert heat trapped and lashing at its swirling prison walls with arms of cloth and burning sand. Just as they are spotted by the creature, their craft is sucked safely from the jaws of certain death by the tentacles of a mile-long mechanical cephalopod, manned by strange, reverse-aging rat-creatures. The rats bring the changelings before their Captain, a changeling child of the vanished Summer Court, conceived on Earth but enslaved in Arcadia since birth. He tells the changelings of his family's daring (but ultimately failed) rebellion against the Fae; he escaped into the Hedge but could not find his way home to the mortal plane with no memories of his own to guide him. Instead he has done the unthinkable; he has trapped his erstwhile Master in an enormous water-dragon-ouroboros, and plans to drag the fae creature wholesale into mundane reality in order to kill it, drowning it in the Atlantic Ocean. Furthermore, if that doesn't work, he plans to trap the Fae in the ocean by transforming the water therein using a strange catalyst he has discovered deep in the Hedge, plunging the entirety of the Earth's water into ice. Following a bizarre turn of events wherein it is revealed that the Professor's canine companion was created using parts from the Professor's own Fetch (prompting the gestalt, malicious creature to inevitably kill him), the Captain is slain, but without proper steering the water-dragon and its prisoner plunge "harmlessly" into the massive, gaping Hedge Gate opened above Galway's docks whilst the motley jumps free to safety, carrying the deadly catalyst with them.

The local authorities (aided largely by subtle changeling influence) attribute the damage done to the harbour to a freak waterspout, with two warehouses, a pub and the former establishment known as Benson, Benson & Sons being completely destroyed by the water-soaked debris. As the current Mr. Benson is digging through the strange, scarlet sand crushing his shop, a long, bony and black sleeved hand plunges up from the wreckage to grasp his in turn, and the Gentleman pulls himself inexorably to the surface with a small, casual grin before promptly killing the terrified mortal, stealing his hat, and declaring to the world in general that he would soon have to see about returning "home".