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Foróige D15 Gamers

Foróige D15 Gamers is a Voluntary youth group.

They aim to provide a safe environment in which young people can take part in the gaming hobby of their choice.

They are based in the Dublin 15 area.

They meet in the Mountview NYP Hall.

On Thursday evenings currently between 7pm - 9pm.

You can contact them at info@d15gamers.com.

The gaming hobby of their choice ?

This would be :

CCGs Magic the Gathering , Yu-gi-oh, etc. Wargames Warhammer Fantasy, W40k, Starwars Miniatures, Starship Troopers Board games Warhammer Quest, Risk etc Rpgs D&D, Shadowrun, Marvel etc.

They will support and run any games that are wanted within reason.

Information may need updating

Marked as defunct - this club has definitely closed its doors.