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Confess was the North West's first games convention. It was organised and run by the Flat Earth Society[1]. The convention generally ran on the last weekend of September each year in the Southern Hotel in Sligo (right beside the train/bus station). Confess ran for a total of six years (2004 - 2009). There was a conscious decision made by the committee to make Confess VI in 2009 the final event in advance of it actually running. The 2009 convention had the door fee waived for all attendees as a gesture of thanks to the Irish gaming community that made the convention as successful as it was.

Along with the usual plethora of RPGS, Larps ,CCGs and Wargames events, Confess has seen a number of unique and recurring events including..

The Gamer Olympics

Where players scored points for every game they played (and more for those they won), The highest scorers at the end of the convention battled it out in a mystery competition for the top prize. The Olympics also included the ever-interesting Flat Earth Society's collection of obscure board games.

The truly democratic pub quiz

The quizmasters wore themselves ragged to provide their attendees with not one not two but three choices for every single round of the quiz.

The Trilogy in 60 seconds (Charity Event)

A spur of the moment decision from the first Confess, 'The Trilogy' stuck, basically people paid to see the Flat Earth Society's committee put on a 60 second version of some famous movie trilogy. The script was written around an hour beforehand resulting in some dubious scriptwriting and delivery. What was better was that all the proceeds went to charity . In 2007 the Trilogy was replaced by the con director in a dress singing karaoke, this raised 1,500 Euro for a Sligo based Cystic Fibrosis charity.

Convention Directors

Con Director ConFess Year
Dave McGowan Confess I 2004
Wayne O'Connor Confess II 2005
Dennis J. Kelly Confess III 2006
Joe Waters Confess IV 2007
Jonathan McGowan Confess V 2008
Duane Mulligan Confess VI 2009