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Cian "Icecream" O'Sullivan is a member of DU Gamers, the Trinity College gaming society. He has been attending conventions since he was only a nipper. He started getting involved in running them when Ger Norton strong-armed him into becoming a Staffer at Leprecon XXIV. Since then he has written (and occasionally run) RPGs and LARPs for Itzacon, Leprecon, Gaelcon, Warpcon and Vaticon; served on the Leprecon and Gaelcon committees multiple times; and run Leprecon as Con Director.

He currently lives out in the middle of the country in Waterford. His family owns a few acres of land out there where he repeatedly threatens to run a LARP convention, but has yet to get around to it.

Scenarios Written

  • Marvel Superheroes: "This Short Earth" Itzacon IX 2013

  • Savage Worlds:Superhero "Devastation Section" Itzacon X 2014