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The Big Mad Irish Games Survey 2004/2005 was organised and carried out by Diddlysquat beginning at Gaelcon 2004 with the results published at Gaelcon 2005.

Because no such survey had been undertaken in the past to determine the nature of the Irish RPG hobby, Diddlysquat founder Geoff Moore decided that the needs both of the company and of the Irish Gaming Community could be served by attempting to gather as much data as possible. Because of the lack of other wide-spread or coherent structures through which to gather the data the Irish games convention circuit was chosen. Diddlysquat staff were present at every convention up to Leprecon XXVI after which internal difficulties made it difficult to attend further conventions other than Gaelcon.

Games societies, particularly NUI Galway Fansci Society, contributed extensively to the survey results by post.

The survey form was available on-line and was published in White Elephant.

A copy of the survey can be downloaded directly here.