Anita Murray

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Gaming Map

Talks & Seminars

Title Role Location
How to Write a Con Scenario Lecture NUIG 2013
G&G: Adventures in Gender & Gaming Moderator Dragonmeet 2013
Story Games: The New Hotness Panelist Dragonmeet 2013
Disobedient Games Panelist Dragonmeet 2014
Story Games: The New Hotness Panelist Dragonmeet 2014

Books & Games & Magazines

Title Publisher Credit
The Gazebo Independent Founder/Editor-in-Chief
Galactic Destiny Golden Laurel Entertainment Proofreading/Playtesting
Kill the Hippies Golden Laurel Entertainment Proofreading/Playtesting
WildTalents:This Favored Land Arcdream Publishing Proofreading/Playtesting

Awards & Words

  • The Twitching Curtain[1]: Regular Podcaster



Scenarios Written

  • SOAP: "Cosmetropolitan Magazine Presents Ancient Egyptian Swimwear" (LARP) (co authored with Mike Brennan ) Itzacon I 2005

  • Harry Potter: "Death by Etiquette" Itzacon II 2006

  • Harry Potter: "Harry Potter and The Smilesmith" Itzacon III 2007

  • Puppetland: "The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Puppetland" Warpcon XVIII 2008 (*)
  • Call of Cthulhu: "What ho, Hastur!" (LARP) Itzacon IV 2008

  • Hellboy: "City of the Invincible Sun" Warpcon XIX 2009
  • Neverwhere: "Unemployment Blues" Itzacon V 2009

  • Hellboy: "Five Dandies and a Demon" Itzacon VI 2010
  • Call of Cthulhu: "The Old Ones are Coming" (LARP) Itzacon VI 2010
  • Victorian Age Vampire: "From Persephone With Love" Gaelcon 2010

  • CWOD: "The Midnight Circus & The Desert Sands Motel" (LARP) Warpcon XXI 2011
  • Unknown Armies: "In Dreams I Walk With You" Itzacon VII 2011

  • "The House of Black Fire," a Wuthering Heights (LARP) Itzacon VIII 2012

  • "The Uncanny and the Dark" (LARP) Itzacon XI 2015

Current Status

  • Foreign Agent Fantastique
  • Frolicking here and there, but many times here [3] where she generally organises and plays in the eye of a Playstorm (a story game design and playtest event).