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Warpcon is run every year, during the last weekend of January. Now entering its 26th year Warpcon is Cork's biggest Gaming convention, and Ireland's largest student run gaming convention.

WARPS (the UCC Wargaming And Roleplaying Society) are the organizers of the event and have grown it from a small student event into one of the biggest conventions in the country.

Each year, there are dozens of RPGs from a plethora of systems, CCGs, Heroclix, tabletop wargaming, LARPS, Storygames and more run each day of the weekend.

Warpcon was born from the WARPS Games Open Day of 1990, organised under the auspices of the Societies' Guild and run by Greg Scully, Des Garrett, Tom O'Neill and Paul O'Sullivan.

Warpcon also has a world renowned charity auction where all manner of things are sold. Signed first edition pre-official launch books have been sold, three slots to appear drawn by John Kovalic for a Steve Jackson Games card game, rare collectible cards, Jayne's Hat (as worn by 'Adam Baldwin' from the hit tv show 'Firefly'), and even the first ever 'My Little Cthulhu' toy and more are among the things sold in previous auctions. Warpcon XVI was a joint winner, along with Gaelcon, of the 'Diana Jones Award for Excellence in Gaming' for the charity auctions run each year.

Each year the Committee are delighted to present to a deserving group or individual the Contribution to Irish Gaming Award for their efforts and achievements in Irish Gaming.

As of Warpcon XVIII in 2008, the convention has awarded the Best Scenario Award to the finest scenario submitted to the convention for that year.

Convention Directors

Con Director Warpcon Year
Greg Scully Warpcon I 1991
Mick B Cosgrave Warpcon II 1992
Rob Cosgrave Warpcon III 1993
Pete Shanahan Warpcon IV 1994
Gordon O'Keeffe Warpcon V 1995
Greg Scully Warpcon VI 1996
Donal Cahalane Warpcon VII 1997
Maria McSweeney Warpcon VIII 1998
Donal Cahalane Warpcon IX 1999
Cat Tobin Warpcon X 2000
Gar Hanrahan Warpcon XI 2001
Ed Heffernan Warpcon XII 2002
Sadhbh Warren Warpcon XIII 2003
Cillian Doyle Warpcon XIV 2004
Neil Kelly Warpcon XV 2005
Sarah Hallinan Warpcon XVI 2006
Mark Keaveney Warpcon XVII 2007
Noirin Curran Warpcon XVIII 2008
Karen Murphy Warpcon XIX 2009
Eoin Murphy Warpcon XX 2010
Mark Daly Warpcon XXI 2011
Stephen McCarthy Warpcon XXII 2012
Nicholas Meade Warpcon XXIII 2013

Contribution to Irish Gaming

Sometimes (mistakenly) referred to as the "Spirit of Warpcon" award.

Best Scenario Award winners

Award Winner Warpcon Year Scenario
Anita Murray Warpcon XVIII 2008 Puppetland: "The Tragical Comedy or Comical Tragedy of Puppetland"
Ray O'Mahony Warpcon XIX 2009 Serenity: "For a Fistful of Credits"
Ciaran O'Brien Warpcon XX 2010 Corporation: "The Raven Incident"
Ciaran O'Brien Warpcon XXI 2011 Angry Marines: "Grimdark This!"
Ray O'Mahony & Fergal Mac Carthaigh Warpcon XXII 2012 Fog of War: "Spirit and Steel"

Intervarsity Award