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For years, countless years, well not really, but since the dawn of Leprecon, our oldest Gaming Convention, writers have worked on scenarios for RPGs and LARPS and have achieved the following: free entry into the convention the game was written for. Not too shabby you might say, however, when a generic gamer buys their ticket and spends three hours playing that game, they have a chance of winning a prize for their performance in the said scenario. The writer makes do with a pat on the back and "good game, you must write more."

All well and good. Until Itzacon III in 2007. That year Itzacon started the 'National Game Writer Award'. Rules for entry are below and can also be found on the Itzacon XVI (2020) website.


  • The award is NOT for the best scenario at that particular Itzacon. It recognises and rewards a writer's dedication and contribution to game writing at a national level.
  • The writer(s) must have written for more than one convention since the previous Itzacon, for example Itzacon AND Warpcon/Gaelcon etc rather than two or more of a single convention over a longer period.
  • The writer(s) must have submitted a game to Itzacon itself for the current year and the game must be of a calibre that gives enjoyment to its players and is considered excellent in scope and theme by the adjudicating committee.
  • The game submitted to Itzacon must have its premiere there and not have debuted at any other convention in Ireland or elsewhere.
  • The game should be submitted before the official RPG/LARP deadline.

National Game Writer Award Winners

Award Winner Itzacon Year
Paddy Delaney Itzacon III 2007
Cat Tobin Itzacon IV 2008
Sandra Duggan Itzacon V 2009
Padraic Barrett Itzacon VI 2010
Gar Ryder-Hanrahan Itzacon VII 2011
Anita Murray Itzacon VIII 2012
Ciaran O'Brien Itzacon IX 2013
Michelle Haward & Feargal Keenan Itzacon X 2014
Ray O'Mahony Itzacon XI 2015
Baz Nugent Itzacon XII 2016
James Rhys (Grey) Lloyd Jones Itzacon XIII 2017
Ian Power Itzacon XIV 2018
Gerry (Legend) McEvoy Itzacon XV 2019