Leprecon XXIX

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One of the cons that birthed the doctrine of "Inter-Con Relations" and spawned the connonball Run. Highlights include the guests singing Pulp's "Common People" badly at kareoke, later coaching live action blood bowl and Rock-em Sock-em robots.

Con Director : Baz Nuegent,

Special Guest

Mike Mason from Black Industries,
Roland Cox from EA/Warhammer Online.

Special Events

Operative: "His Holiness Cardinal Rvd Cpt. Clone",
LABB2: "Live Action Blood Bowl 2",
Barhouse Brawl: "A Fistful of Teef",
Dark 20's,
D&D Twister,
Extreme Championship Paper Planning,
Horatio Crane CSI One Linear Contest,


Camarilla Ireland: "Vampire Vs Werewolf Vs Mage",
L5R: - Eoin Burke & Fatz & Siskey,
"Office Politics" - Nick Huggins,