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A Wiki For and By Irish Gamers: this wiki (will contain) contains useful information and resources for Irish Gamers!

What to use this wiki for

Anything related to Irish Gaming and Gamers: Conventions, Clubs and Societies, historial information, gaming material created by (or for) irish gamers, etc.

Anything you can think of really. What I'd like to see is a list of conventions, scenarios, historic and general community information. But I'm not adverse to anything specifically.

I want this to be a site that people can use to find out about things, why certain things are and somewhere to contribute.

The Experiment

Yep, this is an evolving experiment. I want to learn how to use and maintain a MediaWiki.

I've also played around with the idea of a wiki for Irish Gamers for a while but I never did anything about it because I was uncertain that the irish online gamer community would support and contribute to such a project. Hopefully you lot will. :)

Because this is an experiment, you should expect that occasionally this site may go down, the look and feel of the site will change (often drastically), content will be moved around, site wide preferences will change and even it's location may move.

How to Help

Contribute, correct and suggest. A wiki is about user input. It isn't a push site like a portal page nor is it a discussion site like a mailing list or a web forum. This site is for you, by you. Without you, this site is nothing.

For the moment, quanity is more important than quality. Once we hit the critical mass point then quality becomes important, but I'd rather get people using the site then criticise for bad layout or fuzzy language.

If you can't contribute, you can help correct others works, fill in the blanks, discuss in the 'talk' sections, etc.

And you can always suggest a new topic or category! If somethings missing, add a link so that someone else may create it.

Now join the wiki revolution!