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This is the version of the Introduction that was published in White Elephant Issue 3 Vol 2 October 2005. Thanks to those who contributed to this version. This article is protected and saved as a historical reminder. :)

A Letter of Introduction to the Irish Online Gaming Community


I’d like to introduce ourselves. We’re the online Irish Gaming Community and we’ve been around quite a while. We’d like to make your acquaintance and welcome you into our growing community. Everyone is welcome!

We like to talk (and oh boy do we ‘talk’) about the games we play, the future of gaming in Ireland, movies, books and anything else we fancy. But we do more than talk; people have built websites to encourage and support Irish Gaming, people roleplay online and there have been even events organised due to our ‘heated’ discussions. It’s all just craziness.


We’ve got the Igaming mailing list [1] and the IrishGaming.Com forums [2]. If you want to get a message out to the community you should use both of these resources. The forums get most traffic these days but such things are cyclic. If you want to talk about anything related to Gaming, these are the places to do it.

There is also [3] that provides reviews and rants from Irish Gamers about conventions and anything else related to Irish Gaming.

We’ve got Diddlysquat [4], which caused a few waves through the ether, let me tell you, but all good in the end. The website has lists of Irish conventions and groups. Diddlysquat are planning to release a new RPG called Spectres soon too.

There is also the [5]. This is wiki for all things Irish Gaming related. If you don’t know what a wiki is, well it’s a webpage that anyone can edit. Sounds strange, but it works. It has info about clubs, groups, conventions, retailers, etc. all kept up to date by Irish Gamers. It also hosts Planet Irish Gaming [6], which presents all the latest news from Irish Gaming sites in one place! Kinda handy.

And now [7] after a long hiatus is starting to resurface. Its forums have been around a few months now and are incredibly popular and it has just launched its Scenario Bank with more features on the way!

Most groups and conventions have webpages too. You can find the IGA’s homepage and back issues of White Elephant at for example.

What’s it all good for?

Well for one information. If you want to get the latest on this convention or that club, the online community is the place to do it. Many of the folk involved in organising and running clubs, events and conventions can also be found on the mailing list or the forums. You want to get the latest news, online is the place to do it.

And second for community. You can also use it find a local gaming club or group or you can use it to find players for your games. You can discuss tactics and ideas, get advice or you can join the Red Branch guild online in the World of Warcraft.

You can also roleplay too if you want or even join in the discussions about the future of Irish Gaming! :)

The Durrow Accord

Perhaps you’ve heard about it: a shadowy meeting of the mysterious illuminati of Irish Gaming… (Well actually it was an open meeting for anyone interested, but the former sounds cooler).

Talk got pretty hot on Igaming and the forums about the future of Irish Gaming last year. So people decided to have a face-to-face meeting in Durrow, Cork (and so the name). People met, people talked and some people formed groups and are beavering away.

A second Durrow was planned for the summer but didn’t happen (well everyone’s on holidays!). Hopefully Durrow will happen again next year and everyone who has an opinion or who wants to help should be there, so that means you! It’s not just for the elite nor is it just for us online crusties.


There are few people you might run into (or who might run over you) if you start talking. Don’t worry they’re all cuddly fluffy teddy bears really (who happen to play Vampire in the darkest part of the night…) Discussion often gets heated but that’s not because we don’t like you, so don’t take offence. It’s because we all feel passionately about Roleplaying and Irish Gaming.

You might run into Nick on the forums. That’s to be expected as he runs and the forums. He’s been around a while and has been prolific in running and writing scenarios for conventions. He likes being online because he's less fat in digital form.

Specky who runs Diddlysquat likes to post big. A real troublemaker but we all love him really.

Cammy goes on a bit too but he’s a nice guy really, even if he has a girly handle. He runs the wiki.










  • Mark Cunningham
  • Nick
  • Krieglust