Gaelcon 2003

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  • a/state: "Gone to the Dogs" ????


  • SLA Industries: "Blessed are the children" by Glen Moran


  • Marvel Super Heroes: "The Greater Good" by JP Chapleau
  • Door Into Gaslight: A d20 Modern/D&D Crossover by Drew Shiel





Special Events

  • RED DEATH COMMANDO, A Savage Worlds Special Event Eamon Honan

In Russia in 1942, there was a band of men. Together they were the most devastating fighting machine the Red Army ever assembled, the most terrifying foe the fascists ever faced, the meanest, toughest, most dangerous squad on the Eastern Front. They were savage, they were deadly....they were....THE RED DEATH COMMANDO !!! Death or victory await in this roleplaying-cum-wargame using the Savage Worlds system. See you at the front, Comrade!


For those of you with a yen for world domination have probably noticed that no would be dictator really feels comfortable without a nice big shiny tank parked outside the presidential palace. Now of course, it might be an idea to start small since you haven't quite made it into the making your horse a senator club yet and what better place to start then our two inch long radio controlled tanks. Now not only to these puppies zip around the place at your command, but their turrets move and fire infra-red beams to destroy your enemies (well so long as your enemies consist entirely of two inch long RC tanks).