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This is the Irish Roleplaying and Gaming Wiki for everything related to roleplaying and gaming in Ireland. You must create an account or log in before you can start adding and editing content. There are currently 815 articles.

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There are lots of ways to help on the website:

  • Article Stubs - A list of articles flagged as stubs that need to be filled in
  • Deadend Pages - A list of articles that do not link to other pages
  • Short Pages - A list of articles that are in need of expansion
  • Uncategorized Pages - Articles that have not been put into a category yet

Keep an eye on the Recent Changes page to see whats new or has been changed. If you have any feedback or suggestions, leave a comment here.

Latest Notice: Due to a Wordpress virus, planet irish gaming has been deleted to prevent this site from getting blacklisted. --Mark Cunningham (talk) 20:56, 26 February 2016 (UTC)