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Flat Earth Games Society is Sligos games club. We run a regular games night at a local youth centre every Friday (St. Annes Youth Centre, Sligo Town). Admission for the night is 2 euro for non members and 1 euro for members (membership is 5 euro or 20 euro if you want a club t shirt). The night has a variety of Activities but mainly consist of wargaming and ccg...we also try run demo games and lately have begun running a once a month Roleplaying games night. Xbox and other consoles are also a fixture. At the time of writing there is hope to set up a Camarilla gama in the area.

Besides the official night we regularly do games at and mmetups with members during the week on a less formal basis, so anyone lloking for some gaming or gamers in the area feel free to contact us.

The Club as an official entity is relatively new having been formed by the remnants of Sligos old I.T. Games Society...the full sordid details are available on www.flatearthsoc.com

In 2004 the club ran the north wests first Games Convention, CONFESS. More info on that will be posted soon.Keep an eye on the website.