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Flat Earth Games Society is Sligo's games club. They formed initially as the IT Sligo Games Society and continued as an entity following College as the Flat Earth Society. From 2003 through 2009 they ran several Games events and club nights.

Although busy schedules and outside commitments have reduced some of these activities we continue to meet and encourage new players in the area and are happy to help anyone in the Northwest looking for like minded people. Our interests cover all fields of RPG, Wargame, CCG, Boardgame and Console gaming.

Flat Earth Society


A long time ago in a town far far away... from anything remotely resembling a civilised gaming community (This was in the barbarous past when gamers were a solitary much hunted beast), there came together a small troupe of intrepid gamers. From all around the country they had gathered to worship at the base of the great Sligo RTC. From humble beginnings there grew a group of stalwart gamers - some experienced and some as fresh and new as first level spell-casters in D&D... (Editors Note: amidst all this rambling there is some information and I'm not going to keep pointing out obvious stuff like a first level spell-caster in D&D having at MOST 6 hit points, or I'll be here forever! You will all be considered gamers from now on.)

This small group prospered and grew fat off the wages of their "Clubs and Societies' Budget", a most secret resource fought for out in the open before hordes of non gamers who looked on in bewilderment as the gamers bravely fought to explain what exactly "Role-Playing" was and what they needed money for. Budget firmly in hand and gracious "club" discounts generously given by the Gaelcon committee of the day, our merrie little band found its way to Dublin! Lo and behold there were droves of gamers engaged in all sorts of exploits. Verily the heroes of our tale were stunned (and not a little addicted from day 1)! Year after year they fought for their budget and traipsed across the deadly mid-lands in quest of the Gael (sic) even venturing as far south as Limerick for LugCon (where the evils of alcohol somewhat blur the narrator's memories so we shall move on) every year (yes - see previous memory blurring comment and pretend he never mentioned this) their numbers waxing and waning as do all college based game societies.

This constant fluctuation in membership saddened the group gravely and often they wondered "... but why is there no club around the North West to keep things going here. One day we too may leave and then what will happen?" As the years went by and the reins of power were passed back and forth (like a hot potato), the core of the Sligo RTC Gaming Society became the ITSligo Gaming Society and constantly tried to form some kind of ties with the greater community. All their efforts came to naught. Despite getting to know countless gamers around the country and even starting the North West's first MTG(R) TM and whatever Arena, they still did not seem to be able to hold together a cohesive bunch of gamers or organise anything bigger than a piss up or a Magic Tournament. (This back in the days when the Oracle was only 100 pages or so and we were registered Judges...)

The Name

Amongst our heroes' many contacts and friends all over was a strange young man in a nice little shoppe in Limerick City. Wayne, being the brave soul that he is - decided to mail order something from this nice little shoppe and lo! It arrived all safe and sound addressed to "The Flat Earth Society" (the rest of Wayne's address was also included but will be omitted here to protect him - his growing fame and repute is attracting stalkers) (Editors Note: It is not the intention of the writer nor any party thereby associated nor in effect the Flat Earth Games Society, to cause offence to anyone. Any person or persons who thinks that they are being referred to as a stalker should; 1) Not be so paranoid and 2) Stop stalking Wayne) This name so entertained the now seasoned gamers of outer Sligonia that they decided it might be a good name to adopt. Thus was born the Flat Earth Games Society. Our undying thanks to The Gathering for this little touch of mischief that has in a way led to so much!

One fine day, years later, members of the Flat Earth Society, engaged in such diverse tasks as Working, sleeping and just mooching around Waterford, all got a strange text message: "I have booked the Silver Swan for whole day. We have the big room at the back." (Editors Note: Excuse the quotation marks they are just for effect and this may have been paraphrased. Not knowing what a momentous occurrence this was going to be the narrator deleted the text in question and promptly forgot what it said...) An emergency council was immediately called and attended by all members not wandering off in savage lands (like Dublin, Galway and Waterford). It should be noted at this stage that there was no formal list of members and the troupe (in the main finished with the college thing) had no formal structure outside of a weekly GM rota. It was quickly established that we were going to be expected to organise something! Frantic calls went out and help was sourced for this huge undertaking. We were going to gather over 10 geeks, nerds, gamers and console jockies in one room together! Worse, we were going to pray for more than that twenty because we were going to bear any costs!

The day dawned and the esteemed resident chef of the troupe made a car available for ferrying TVs, consoles, board games and lazy gamers. By the time the narrator arrived - late as always, there was already a sizable crowd of gamers assembled baying for events and games and joypads and anything they could think of. An absolute joy followed, even for those foolish enough to have been drinking the night before, as the Flat Earth Soc (all designated with Junta-like titles) watched in amazement the fifty young gamers and other folks flooding in. All sorts of gamers came out of hiding, new faces, old friends, even one young man known to the group from almost eight years earlier as the youngest entrant in the Arena tournaments. All in all a mind blowing success! With Gaelcon just round the corner, El Presidente, The Minister for Internal affairs, Minister for Transport, Minister for Finance and First General Tea Boy all sat around the table that night in our local (anyone visiting Sligo will generally find at least one Flat Earther in McGarrigles) and decided to have a go this time. T-Shirts were on order within the week and "core members" had been decided upon. Our satellite members and honorary members had all been contacted and informed of the impending descent upon Gaelcon where history ends and the present takes over.

We have had two games days since, each time with more success than the last. The Galway Fansci contingent arrived up to bolster numbers at the November games day and left us all feeling delighted that we were getting such support from other groups around the country. The IGA were great in all this as have all the other groups and stores around Ireland who have looked after us in our fledgling times.

The first convention ran in September 2004 and was a success (much to the relief of all) so much so in fact that we decided to make it a regular fixture in Ireland's Gaming calendar!


The flagship Flat Earth Games Society event each year was the Confess games convention, usually on the last weekend of September in the Southern Hotel in Sligo town.

Although Confess ended as an event with the last convention being held in 2009 the Flat Earth society continue to exist as an entity and the intention is for the group to change focus from one large open event to several smaller invitation based events.

The Future

Who can tell for these wacky guys?