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Dominicon is the annual gaming Convention held by NUI Maynooth Games Society, who obey only the Octopope. For more information, visit their Facebook Page, or ask to see the Octopope. All Hail the Octopope!

Convention Directors

Con Director Dominicon Year
Danny More O'Farrell Dominicon I 1995
???? Dominicon II 1996
???? Dominicon III 1997
???? Dominicon IV 1998
NA Not Held 1999
Diarmuid Jones Dominicon V (Millennium) 2000
M0x1e Dominicon VI (Odyssey) 2001
Aaron Jackson Dominicon VII (Waaagh!) 2002
Oscar Timony Nolan Dominicon VIII (Squared) 2003
Gareth Kavanagh Dominicon IX (Hazard) 2004
Damien Gallagher Dominicon X (Carry on Dominicon) 2005
Damien McGurrell Dominicon XI (The Amazing Dominicon) 2005
Mark McCann Dominicon XII (Noir) 2006
James Lee Dominicon XIII(Dominicon of the Dead) 2007
Michaela Duggan Dominicon XIV (Vanilla) 2008
Matt O'Brien Dominicon XV (In Spaaaaaaaaace!) 2009
Amy Grennan Dominicon XVI (Dominicon of Steel) 2010
John Kirwan Dominicon XVII (8Bit Dominicon) 2011
Marcus Deehan Dominicon XVIII (Steam Powered!) 2012
Marcus Deehan Dominicon XIX (Dominicon Time!) 2013
Conor Fitzpatrick Dominicon XX (d20) 2014
John McGowan Dominicon XXI (The Legend of Dominicon) 2015
Adam Fallon Dominicon XXII (Retro) 2016
Benjamin Guilfoyle Dominicon XXIII (Turbo) 2017
???? Dominicon XXIV 2018
???? Dominicon XXV 2019