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Diddlysquat was an RPG publishing company founded by Geoff Moore in 2004 with the intention of producing a horror/sci-fi tabletop RPG called "Spectres". The Spectres game was intended to be released as three prequels followed by the main game system.

Demonstrations of the first prequel, "Spectres:Ancient Hordes" (the final version can be downloaded here) ‎were played at Warpcon XIV. A prototype table-top battle game called "Space Grunt:Annihilation" designed by Anthony McGovern and Colm Walsh was also demonstrated at a number of conventions from Gaelcon 2004 up to Leprecon XXVI.

Diddlysquat did attempt to survey the Irish gaming and roleplaying scene in 2004/2005. The results of that survey became known as the Big Mad Irish Gaming Survey and the results are available.

Diddlysquat is no more and the last known time the webpage was up was June 2006. The original website for Diddlysquat used to be found here though you can still find it on the Internet Wayback machine.