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Dublin University Boardgames Society is probably the oldest of the Games Socs. It is the society in Trinity College and is responsible for all sorts of gaming, CCGs, RPGs, LARPs and occasionally other games. The Web Site is a lively and active forum. DU Gamers run Ireland's first Gaming convention, Leprecon, every year.

DU Gamers was known for many years as DUBGS - Dublin University Boardgame Society. Even during those years, the society included role players, figure gamers and wargamers as well as boardgamers.


Gamers is located in Goldsmith Hall in TCD, on the Corner of Pearse Street and Westland Row. The Room is Arches 2A, though it is best to follow the signs.

  • A quick guide to getting there, as the signage is rather confusing:
  • Enter Goldsmith Hall through the main doors.
  • Turn left and head through the double doors ahead of you. You will be in a corridor.
  • Take the first right through double doors, and you will be in an enclosed storage area.
  • Head right, then through the door on the left in the room you reach (with DU Gamers sign).
  • As you enter, turn right, then take the first left (through a door, again with sign).
  • Go through the door on the left, again with signage.
  • This is DU Gamers.

Gamers is open from about 13.00 'til about 22:00 during term.