Connonball Run

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Madness!! In a very good cause though.[1]

The Connonball was originally a cross promotion between Leprecon, Warpcon and Itzacon, intended discount prebook ticket.

Due to a delay with production, the planned t-shirt fell through; however, a Spectra photo store was open that day. Instead of a shoddy t-shirt, a mad decision was made to have a shoddy printed pillow instead, creating the famous ConnonBall pillow.


The first Pillow, in 2007, though ranked only midway in the Gaelcon auction, immediately caught the attention of other conventions - every con in the country, and several international cons, offered free entry to the purchaser. The final price was €2000.

The second Pillow, the "Sorchacon" pillow, went for €1000 in 2008. It was known as this as Cian O'Sullivan offered to rename his planned "Ciancon" to Sorchacon if it broke €1000. Sorchacon has yet to run...

There was no 2009 pillow, but rumours of a 2010 bedspread have been heard.