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You can find us at Camarilla Ireland

What is Camarilla Ireland?

The Irish Camarilla is the Irish branch of the International Camarilla organisation.

What is the Camarilla?

The Camarilla is an international social organization sanctioned by White Wolf, Inc. which revolves around the gothic-horror genre set in White Wolf's World of Darkness. We are world-renown for our continuous Live-Action Role-Playing (LARP) game that spans ten countries on five continents.

What is Live Action Role Playing (LARP)?

Live Action Role Play, usually abbreviated as LARP, is an extension of the more common table top role-playing game. LARP is quite different from table top gaming and is best described as improvisational theater--a play where you are an actor who creates the script of the story by taking actions and making presentations. Because of its theatrical nature, LARP is more accessible to a much larger audience than many role-playing games. Players need to know far less about the rules and mechanics of the game though they must be more willing to become an actor and present the embodiment of the character they are trying to portray.

How do I make a Character?

New members introducing a character to the global game generally start with a character created using White Wolf's Mind's Eye Theatre materials. Characters advance through the accumulation of experience points awarded for game participation. Members can also earn the privilege of playing more complex or experienced characters through service to the club. Both reward systems are not based on time but on participation and organizational support and is equally available to all members.