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Has also designed material for Warpcon, Vaticon, ConMEL.

Other roles include

NST of Camarilla Ireland, 2007-2008 ANST Awakening Camarilla Ireland, 2006 - 2007

Regular writer for several cons.

Game Settings and Universes

World War S

Created at Gaelcon 2008, this has been co-developed with Sean Geraghty. This setting is in the early 1940s of an alternative history where Soviet Russia deployed supers, or "Icons" against Nazi Germany, devestating the Third Reich's command overnight. Currently, the Soviets have control over all supers bar one, a rogue "God" called "Perun the Hunter", who protects Poland. The setting is distinctly Dieselpunk, with mechs, giant tanks, and invisible men.

A strong focus on development has been integrating real world figures into this new History. As of 1941, Joe Kennedy (father of JFK) is President of the US after FDR was assassinated by the Soviets.


Featuring the fictional Garda Unit for the Bizarre and Unprecedented, the game can be best described as Flann O'Brien's World of Darkness. This organisation was said to be founded by Michael Collins in 1921 at a meeting with several noteable historical figures, some of whom have bizarre supernatural qualities, such as WB Yeats being the most powerful wizard on Earth, Tom Crean visiting the The Mountains Of Madness, and Alastair Crowley being obsessed with the comedy value of crocodiles.

Recurring characters in GUBU include Detective Lorcan Fallon (great grandson of Dick "Bang-Bang!" Mulcahy), "The Bull" O'Cooley (a bull who turns into man form), and at least one priest per mission. Opponants have included included The Minister For No Fun, Liam McGee - The Hands-On TD, the town of Gort, Unprecedented Boats off the Clare Coast, MI5's anti paranormal group the Z-List, the Bureau L'Estrange, and the SkangerDragon of Finglas.

While there has been no GUBU game since Gaelcon 2008, rumours about that a return to the GUBUniverse will occur soon in a plot involving Charlie Haughey.