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Gaming Achievements

  • IGA member 2007 - 2012: IGA PRO 2009-2010.
  • Freelance graphic design and branding for cons.


Featuring the fictional 'Garda Unit for the Bizarre and Unprecedented', the game can be best described as Flann O'Brien's World of Darkness. This organisation was said to be founded by Michael Collins in 1921 at a meeting with several notable historical figures, some of whom have bizarre supernatural qualities, such as WB Yeats being the most powerful wizard on Earth, Tom Crean visiting the The Mountains Of Madness, and Aleister Crowley being obsessed with the comedy value of crocodiles.

Recurring characters in GUBU include Detective Lorcan Fallon (great grandson of Dick "Bang-Bang!" Mulcahy), "The Bull" O'Cooley (a bull who turns into man form), and at least one priest per mission. Opponents have included included "The Minister For No Fun", the town of Gort, Unprecedented Boats off the Clare Coast, MI5's anti paranormal group the Z-List, the Bureau L'Estrange, the SkangerDragon of Finglas, and The Boss Charles J Haughey.

GUBU also makes a brief, if inaccurate, cameo in Gar Hanrahan's Laundry RPG core book.

Scenarios Written

  • "GUBU: The Ultimate Showband of Ultimate Destiny", (LARP) Gaelcon 2008
  • "GUBU: F**k Your Doomsday Weapon, I've a Horse Outside" - Leprecon XXXII 2011
  • "GUBU: The Curious Case of the Dogboy in No Nightgown" - Hobocon 4

  • "Sherry in the Age of Automata" (LARP) Confess V 2008
  • "The Brethren's Soup Kitchen" (LARP) Itzacon V 2009
  • "Mass Effect: Reap The Whirlwind" (RPG) Itzacon IX 2013
  • How Kevin Kelly became a Nuclear Power and why we should all be concerned (LARP) Warpcon 2015
  • How Kevin Kelly went crazy Broadway Style and why we should avoid the street schwarma Itzacon 2015
  • How Kevin Kelly took thirteen inches of gold and taught us how to cry again Gaelcon 2015